A breed of dog survive in harsh climate

Bouvier Breed is another kind of dog. It is resembled with sheep. There is hard coated fur on their body like a sheep. They also have mustache, thick beard and shaggy eyebrows. They also have heavily coated furs on head. All these things made this dog a very different from other dogs. They are very calm and gentle in their nature. They are very intelligent and obedient. This characteristic makes them excellent guard or watch dog. They are easily trainable. They are good for family and children to keep as pet. Their colors are mostly Black, Fawn or Grey. This dog actually has double coated furs on body. Outer fur is very harsh and dry to touch which protect them in cold and rainy atmosphere. Their weight is normally 27 to 36 kg and their height is 23 to 28 inches in dogs and 22 to 27 inches in bitches. They are Belgian by origin.