Bouvier Breed

What a beautiful creature! The Bouvier breed is indeed a rugged-looking and powerful dog and everything seems to be in proportion as its head is unlike some dog breeds in proportion to its body. The firm level top line of the Bouvier breed’s back, which appear to be short, is broad. The soulful dark brown eyes of Bouvier des Flandres are oval and the rims are black, with bushy eyebrows. Straight front legs and powerful muscled hind legs add to the impressive look of the Bouvier breed.
The Bouvier has a double weather resistant coat and the outer hairs are rough and harsh to the touch, with the undercoat dense, yet soft and fine. The Bouvier colors are brindle, grey, salt and pepper, blonde, fawn and black and sometimes you will find a Bouvier des Flandres with a white star on their chest. Because of the coat’s thickness it must be groomed regularly and when well-groomed it will shed very little hair. The Bouvier breed needs to be trimmed about three times a year and hair shouldn’t be allowed to grow to their feet.
The life expectancy of the Bouvier when well-cared for is 10 – 12 years and litter sizes are an average of 8. With the Bouvier des Flandres being an active and energetic dog it needs a lot of exercise, but in their growing years exercise should not be too strenuous as it will not develop into a healthy strong framed dog. Although it is sometimes kept in apartments, you must take care that it gets enough exercise and a large yard is actually ideal for the Bouvier breed. The average height of male Bouviers is 23 – 28 inches with a weight of 75 – 110 pounds. The female Bouvier des Flandres is the smaller dog and the heights average around 22 – 27 inches and their weight is between 60 – 80 pounds.