Bouvier Des Flandres: A Dog Of The Competitions

There are many dog breeds in this world. Among them, Bouvier Des Flandres is one. It is not any ordinary class of dog breed. Rather it is a talented and working class dog breed. It competes well in many of the canine events including French ring, Mondigo ring, tracking, agility, IPO, herding etc. Many people are not familiar with Mondigo ring. For them it will be enough to know that this event is a group of complete exercises which is completed by the dog. The completion of these exercises is handled with obedience, agility and protection. Most of the mentioned events are on protection sport and in these events the exercises are performed in a non-stop manner. These types of events are arranged in order to allow the dog competing with the distractions. Also the dog must be able to exhibit control on and off the load.

A portion of the dog’s tests is performed in order to determine the courage as well as the fear level displayed. Also the reaction of a dog to a gunshot is tested. Apart from that, its ability to protect the owner in dangerous or risky situations is tested. The dogs also take part in a herding event which displays the instincts of the dog. On success, the Bouvier Des Flandres is given the certificate of Natural Herding Instinct award.

Bouvier Des Flandres has the ability of taking part in almost any competition and at different levels of that competition. There are even cases where the dog needs to gain several titles before earning the conformation of these titles.

Another thing with Bouvier Des Flandres is that it has many personality traits. The dog can appear to you as bold yet subdued, moody yet very loving, serious yet child-like and many other traits. Moreover, the dogs are of very calm nature and as a result can be part of a family. Especially people looking for dog of diversified characteristics for providing loyalty, protection, love and adoration can go with Bouvier Des Flandres.