About Us

Club History and Info

The Cactus State Bouvier des Flandres Club was founded in 1996 by a group of Arizona Bouvier enthusiasts with a common goal, their love of the breed. Since its inception, the CSBdFC has organized into a club that has hosted two national Bouvier des Flandres Specialty shows, several regional specialties, participated in the Parada del Sol, Super Bone Sunday Pet Fair, Canine Good Citizen Test, all Bouvier fun match with conformation and obedience showing, rescue foundation for Bouviers, informational dog health seminars and much more. This dedicated group is committed to providing education to the public and ensuring the integrity of the breed. Club members welcome public interest in the Bouvier and encourage involvement of others as a means to gain information, friendship and fun.

CSBdFC meetings are held once a month and alternate between weekends and weekdays. Informational programs are offered as a service to both members and non-members. A monthly newsletter is provided to every member. The newsletter includes valuable dog-related articles, meeting schedules and various items of general interest.

The club newsletter is called the Cactus Chatter. The editor welcomes any contributions of interest or of education content that would be of interest to the CSBdFC membership.