Hard-working Bouvier des Flandres

Originally the Bouvier breed was bred to be a hard-working farm dog and helped in a multitude of tasks including guarding, pulling carts and herding livestock. Although the intelligent Bouvier des Flandres is still an ideal farm dog, it is also very popular to be used in guard dogs, law enforcement and other capable assistance environments. Nowadays it is the Bouvier breed’s great compatibility to humans and serving as family companions that suit them very well. A well cared for Bouvier will thrive when loved by a family and they are incredibly patient with children. He is a protective breed and families with children especially will make no mistake getting a Bouvier des Flandres.
They are confident and fearless dogs with strong personalities and a natural athlete loving the outdoors and to run, but also very happy to hang around indoors. They can despite their large frame comfortably stay inside in a small apartment or condo and thrive, but then owners must take care to give them regular and vigorous exercise as by nature they are not highly active.
Their high intelligence makes them to learn quickly and trains very well, but they do have a personality of sometimes being stubborn and strong-willed and a timid owner may find it difficult to teach the dog or get it to listen. Owners who prefer a dog which are not messy or shed hair should not get a Bouvier breed.
They have this amazing shaggy coat and needs a lot of grooming. The coat is like a magnet for dirt, debris and more and the dog will track dirt throughout the house with its large hairy paws and coat leaving the mess inside. The Bouvier is a great choice for owners who have the time to groom their dog often and handle their strong personality.