True Information About Bouvier Breed

Bouvier breed is a powerfully built, square, rugged and frightening dog that has harsh double coat that protects him in different kinds of weather. The breed has a wide awake gaze and ardent sense of smell that makes him a most apposite farm dog. Bouvier breed is agile, clever and alert with character of bravery and Great Spirit. He has even personality and tranquil nature. Bourvier breed was originated in Belgium by the working class people that wanted a working dog instead of show dog.
Bourvier breed comes in various looks and sizes. The height of an average Bouvier breed (dog) is from 51 to 71cm or 23 to 28 inches while that of a bitch Bouvier breed is between 59 to 69cm (22 to 27) inches. Furthermore, the weight of the breed is between 34 to 41kg or 75 to 90 pounds while bitch weighs 27 to 36kg or 60 to 80 pounds.
According to history, it was gathered that Bouvier breeds were first used as rescue and messenger dogs during the First World War but later reviewed by individuals who were working to keep the pet as domestic animal in the year 1923. A Bouvier breed is talented and serves as a track dog, guardian, police work, military work and competitive watchdog. They have pleasant nature and they are obedient even though they may look daunting.
Bouvier breed is responsible, enthusiastic, calm and lovely. Likewise, it is an excellent watchdog and guard dog that you can train easily without hassle. Complications associated with a Bouvier breed include; eye problems, hip dysplasia and high pain.
Bathing Bouvier breed at all time and when required is necessary while it is also essential to brush the long coat of Bouvier breed always because the breed needs lots of brushing. Also, it is necessary to trim the coat of a Bouvier breed twice in a year as it is dangerous to allow the hair to grow too long close to the feet. Bouvier breed likes living in big gardens and apartments where they will have the opportunity of doing various exercises.