Originally, the Bouvier Des Flandres turned into bred to paintings on a farm. The canine has a rugged appearance and the power to returned its look up. It bears a comparable resemblance to a Scottish Terrier, however it has a stockier construct and a feature beard and mustache. If this difficult, gentleman-searching combo of canine sounds attractive to you, make sure it’s far a breed that makes for an amazing residence puppy in your situation.

It turned into now no longer till 1936, that a Belgian and French committee identified the breed. The breed trendy turned into now no longer followed till the mid 1960s. The breed remains a hard-operating canine hired on farms in addition to in regulation enforcement. It makes a notable defend canine due to its difficult demeanor.

The canine is particularly trainable. Still, in case you are going to deliver a canine right into a domestic with aged people or younger children, you would possibly use caution. It might be pleasant to deliver the canine in as a domestic dog and teach him to be properly behaved first. An older canine could have have already got his behavioral traits set, and if he’s used to guarding human beings or supporting combat crimes, he won’t be the maximum mild or affected person residence puppy in your situation.

Another issue to maintain in thoughts is the intense quantity of grooming this is required of this canine. His fur is lengthy and is a digital dust and dirt trap. You can not count on to take the one you love Bouvier outside for a stroll and are available domestic with out a speck of dust on him.

If this isn’t a hassle for you or in your carpets, simply be conscious that as with many breeds with lengthy fur you’ll want to be vigilant approximately brushing him and preserving his fur trimmed. If you’ve got got the time to take care of this canine, he’ll make the suitable puppy for you.

If you journey a lot, and ought to depart him in a person else’s care, possibly pick a exclusive breed. You need to be conscious that the canine may be willful, so everybody who isn’t appropriate with puppies or isn’t educated to address strong-willed puppies might now no longer make an amazing care taker in your puppy. If you’ve got got owned puppies earlier than and this breed appeals to you, you could count on to revel in a few years with him as your puppy.